A letter from Richard J. Keniston, New England Regional Captain Patriot Guard Riders
Subject: PGR Field of Remembrance
To All Patriot Guard Riders,

I have been asked by the
South Dakota State Captain to help him get the word out about a project that is being done here in South Dakota during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  The Sturgis Rally is being held August 3 - 9
in the Black Hills of South Dakota.   Some of you may be planning to come to the rally following the Gathering of the Guard in Utah.

I believe that many of you have heard of the Field of Remembrance project that is being done by the PGR members of South Dakota this summer during the Sturgis Classic Motorcycle Rally this August.   The field will consist
of 60
flag poles, 23 feet in height.   Fifty of the poles will fly a US flag and a state flag.   Also flying will flags representing all branches of the services, the POW/MIA flag, the American Legion flag and the Patriot Guard Flag.  In addition to the 60 flag poles, there will be a smaller flag flying for each our our Heroes lost in the War on Terror
That means there will be close to 5000 flags flying at the Field of Remembrance in 2009!

Last year, the Field was a very emotional event for all of us involved.  We touched a lot of hearts and shared tears with many visitors to the Field.  In order to raise funds for this project, we are asking members from each state to sponsor flags.  Every one of our states have lost Heroes to the war.  All of these Heroes will be recognized at the Field.  You or your members may want to sponsor a flag or flags to help recognize those Heroes.  Many members are making donations to the Field committee to be used as needed by the committee.

The sponsor(s) get to choose what they wish done with the sponsored flag at the end of the Fields' life.  They can
choose to:
     1) have the flag sent to themselves
     2) have the flag sent to any designated organization or individual or
     3) donate the flag to the Patriot Guard for use at future Field of Remembrance projects.

Rather than go into detail in this email about how to sponsor a flag, or how to make donations to the Field, I'll just include the website that includes that information.

I am asking that you please help spread the word in your State.
Also, for members who cannot afford the $30 for sponsorship, on our Field website, we have donation buttons where a member can donate as little as a dollar to the cause.   Donations and sponsorships can be done via check, paypal and credit cards.
Please visit the website and all the information is there.

I hope no one is offended by this email. All donations and sponsorships are completely voluntary.

If anyone has any questions about the field, please write to either me or to SD SC Tom at .
Thank you for your help with this project.

Lance   "SirLancelotSD"
High Plains Regional Captain,
Patriot Guard Riders
MSgt, USAF (Ret)